Why use a wiki

A wiki allows adding and maintaining content on a web site easily. This wiki uses MoinMoin. You can easily control who can see it and who can edit it even at a page level.

Wiki markup

A wiki uses special mark-up language which is different from html. Each wiki implementation uses slightly different markup. E.g. Wikipedia markup is different from Moinmoin wiki. However, the good news is that it is quite simple. Help is readily available at HelpOnEditing and SyntaxReference. You can see the wiki markup by selecting "Raw Text" menu item from the "More Actions" menu on the top left corner. This is only visible when you are logged on.

Even better news is that there is a GUI mode for editing which is quite intuitive for anyone who has used a word processor.

Creating an account

You will need to create an account to edit pages as well as access protected content. Please use "FirstnameLastname" format for your username. E.g. JohnDoe. Site administrators can then grant you with appropriate permissions to create and/or view pages.